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js金沙官方 Advantech UShop+ is a cloud platform built for retailers. We provide sales insight with business intelligence through multiple solutions such as store traffic analytics and store heatmap. The brach store and headquarter can manage each system easily on UShop+ platform. The UShop+ cloud platform provides an open RESTful API for multi-solution integration. So you can optimize your store management through SaaS service in a more efficient way.


  • UShop Solution Ready Platform

    js金沙官方The UShop Solution Ready Platforms offers several solutions for retail industry in optimizing store operation management, shopper engagement and business intelligence. Each SRP is bundling software with optional hardware devices to create an all-in-one cloud solution. Visit Website: www.ushop-plus.com

    • UShop SRP-130 Interactive Digital Signage

      Advantech's UShop SRP-130, Interactive Digital Signage solution, not only delivers dynamic multimedia content with rich graphics for an immersive viewing experience for consumers, but also empower customers to get involved - broadcast different signage content regarding to shopper profile or interested goods through variety of IoT sensors includes facial detection camera, RFID readers or air quality sensors...etc. It adds interactivity to a digital signage network that opens up new worlds of possibility for both business and consumer.
    • UShop SRP-131 Intelligent eMenu Board

      Advantech's UShop SRP-131, Intelligent eMenu Board solution, allows users to easily promote services and products via real-time advertisements. Users can remotely edit and dispatch content to the eMenu Board system, which then disseminates the content to all chain restaurants. The system can be integrated with restaurant's POS data, users then can update product price or promoted meals in limited perioud immediately.
    • UShop SRP-700 Store Traffic Analytics

      For retailers, sales revenue is always a key performance metric; however, in-depth analysis of poor sales performances is rare. Advantech's UShop SRP-700, Store Traffic Analytics, enables retailers to evaluate sales potential and establish customer service and marketing strategies for maximizing profit. The solution integrates 2D and 3D video analysis technology with POS transaction data for further analysis. Analysis of customer traffic data provides retailers with an in-depth knowledge of consumer shopping and purchasing habits, as well as insights into sales performance during periods of high/low traffic for each branch store.
    • UShop SRP-710 Store Heatmap Analysis

      Advantech's UShop SRP-710, Store Heatmap Analysis solution helps retailers to improve their product counters and window displays, price adjustment operations, and overall product performance by identifying hot spots and providing customer flow curves. Integrated with POS systems, the solution provides customer purchasing behavior within the store and sales revenue insights to retailers for further marketing strategy.
    • UShop SRP-800 POS Loss Prevention

      In the retailing and food and beverage business, net profit margins are usually lower compared with other industries. However, these businesses also face the problem of disproportionate “loss” in their daily operation. This can include theft, fraud, vandalism, waste, abuse or misconduct. Advantech's POS Loss Prevention Solution provides data analytics of video content collected at the point-of-sale and throughout facilities to provide valuable information regarding out-of-bounds behavior. Prompt warnings of any abnormalities can then be sent via the cloud and mobile devices. The solution is designed to reduce preventable losses and optimize retailers' business operation.


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